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Words with Friends Cheat & Word Finder

Unscramble Word With Friends words using our online Words With Friends cheat and word finder. Enter your letters below and click "search" to see all the words that can be made up with your letters.

What is Words With Friends Cheat & Word Finder?

Words With Friends Cheat & Word Finder is a tool that helps you find the highest scoring words with the tiles you have currently available. It is like playing Words With Friends with cheat codes activated - you can never lose!

You can start by inserting the tiles that you have into the letter field above and clicking the search icon. After a few moments, all the words that you can make with those letters will be shown.

There are many additional options such as looking at words only containing specific letters, or words starting and ending in certain letters, but we will get to advanced usage later in this guide.

Rest assured, you will then be able to beat all your opponents without having to lift a finger!

Am I cheating using this tool?

Words With Friends cheat helps you find new words, but it does not let you violate the game's rules. It is like looking up words in a dictionary - perfectly legal!

We prefer calling it "expanding your vocabulary" and "learning new words while playing" instead.

Using Words With Friends Cheat and Word Finder

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all the available options on our Words With Friends cheat. That way you can use it to its full potential. But, don't worry - it is easier than it seems and you will get the hang of it in just a few minutes.

Basic Usage

The easiest way to use our Words With Friends cheat is to enter all of your letters (including blank tiles) to the letter input field above and click the search icon.

After clicking the search icon, a list of words that you can make with your tiles is shown. The words are ordered by length and points that you get for playing them. If for some reason, you want to change the order in which words are shown to you then you can do that. Changing the order of words can be done by clicking on the button at the top right of the results box.

PS! Make sure that you replace your blank tiles with either an underscore (_) or a question mark (?), so our system can understand that these are blank tiles. We currently limit the maximum amount of blank tiles in a search to 3, however, that should be more than enough as there are only 2 blank tiles in the Words With Friends game.

Advanced Usage

lf you are looking to get even more out of our Words With Friends cheat then learning about advanced usage is the way to go. Options under advanced usage help you to quickly filter out words that you are not looking for and focus on the words that you are looking for.

Maybe you have that feeling, where you know a word that matches your tiles, however, you can't quite seem to remember it - so close, yet so far.

Starts with X

The "Starts with X" option helps you find only words that begin with certain letters. The option accepts both single letter and multi-letter inputs.


Setting the "Starts with X" option to "FR" would match the word "FREE", however, it would filter out the word "FLOWER".

Ends with X

The "Ends with X" option helps you find words that end with a certain letter or letters.


Setting the "Ends with X" option of our Words With Friends cheat to "G", would match the word "DOG", but it wouldn't match the word "GREAT".

Contains X

The "Contains X" option lets you keep words that contain a specific letter or set of letters.


Setting the "Contains X" option to "EA", would match the word "CHEAT", but it wouldn't match the word "MAKE".

Word Length

Using the "Word Length" option you can instruct the word finder to only show you the words that have a specific length (number of letters).

How to Play Words With Friends

Playing Words With Friends is a lot like playing Scrabble, only with a different board layout and a slightly revised word list. If you have ever played Scrabble then you will feel at home playing Words With Friends.

How to Install / Download Words With Friends

You can play Words With Friends on both computers and mobile devices. Of course, there is an app available for Android and iOS devices, but there's even an app for playing Words With Friends on Windows Phone, Nook tablet, and Amazon Kindle.

You can download the mobile app by heading over to Play Store on your Android device, or App Store on your iOS device.

If you are looking to play Words With Friends on your computer then you can head over to Facebook and launch the Words With Friends app there.

If you don't have a Facebook account then you have to download a mobile gaming platform such as Bluestacks and run the app on there, however, it is probably easier to create a Facebook account and play it there.

Hopefully, you found a suitable solution for you and I'll see you in the game 😊.

Rules for Playing Words With Friends

Learning the basics of Words With Friends takes only a couple of minutes. The main goal of Words With Friends is to form words using the letters on your tile rack.

Each player starts with 7 letters on their tile rack. The person who creates the game makes the first move by placing tiles at the center of the board (+ symbol indicates the center of the board). Words can only be added to the board horizontally and vertically and new words must be connected to existing words on the board, just as in Scrabble.

After playing a word and using tiles, you will be automatically given new tiles, until all tiles have been used. There are a total of 104 tiles in Words With Friends. If you cannot think of a word to play, you can swap your letters for new ones (assuming that there are enough tiles left), or you can just skip your turn. The game ends when one player uses all of their tiles (and there are no more tiles left) or players pass three turns in a row.

The scoring system in Words With Friends is also quite similar to the one used in Scrabble. Each letter holds a base value (you can see all the letters and their corresponding values in the table below). When adding new letters to the board - the sum of face values for all newly created words and the letters that combine them will be added to your score (+ extra points from bonus spaces, if there were any).

2ptL UN D
4ptB C F M P W
10ptJ Q Z

What are these bonus spaces that you speak of? You might ask.

Bonus Spaces

Well, bonus spaces are tiles on the board that have a special multiplier attributed to them. In total there are 4 different bonus spaces:

  • DL (Double Letter) - Multiplies the face value of a single letter by 2
  • TL (Triple Letter) - Multiplies the face value of a single letter by 3
  • DW (Double Word) - Multiplies the whole score of a word by 2
  • TW (Triple Word) - Multiplies the whole score of a word by 3

As you can see, whenever possible using bonus spaces really gives you the extra points that you need to secure a win in Words With Friends.

In addition to bonus spaces, there are also Power-Ups in Words With Friends.


Power-Ups can be purchased through the app you are using to play Words With Friends, or earned naturally by just playing the game and winning - it is very hard to lose while using our Words With Friends Cheat. There are a total of 4 Power-Ups:

  • Hindsight - Can be used after a move to see if there would have been a better move for you.
  • Word Radar - Highlight tiles on the board, where you can make a word.
  • Swap+ - Swap your letters without losing your turn.
  • Word Clue - Gives you a hint on the board, where you can place a high-scoring word.

The rules to playing Words With Friends aren't that complicated and can be learned in a couple of minutes, now what are you waiting for? Start playing and don't remember to use our cheat to win!

Tips for Getting Better at Words With Friends

Getting better at Words With Friends is no easy task. It takes a dedicated player to become one of the best Words With Friends players. But where do you even start? Below are 6 Words With Friends tips that we wish we had known earlier in our Words With Friends career.

Learn using "S" Letters

The letter "S" is one of the most important letters in Words With Friends. It can change a singular word into a plural word. There's nothing sweeter than taking your opponent's singular high-scoring word and turning it plural.

Study uncommon words using the letters X, Y, Z, and Q

Learning to use Words With Friends' less desirable letters can really help your game. Words With Friends is full of obscure words and the letters X, Y, Z and Q are home to many of these difficult-to-remember words.

Placing words containing those letters onto high-value bonus squares is the key. Landing X, Y, Z, and Q letters onto double word score spaces can quickly boost your Words With Friends score and take the pressure off of you to find a high-scoring play.

Keep pressing that Shuffle button

One of the easiest ways to get better at Words With Friends is to constantly press the Shuffle button until you come across a word that you've seen before. This is a strategy that Words With Friends diehards take to the extreme.

Learn to play parallel

When Words With Friends pros talk about strategies, you'll often hear them mention playing "parallel". Playing parallel means placing a letter so that it uses another word as its "anchor". Words With Friends is full of these 2-letter words that you can use to your advantage.

Master using Words With Friends Cheat

It's difficult to master Words With Friends without a little help. That's why we have created the best Words With Friends Cheat. It lets you quickly find the best word to play on your rack without manually going through Words With Friends dictionary.

The History of Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a mobile game that was created in 2009 by Newtoy. It is also when Words with Friends became one of the most popular games on Facebook, currently, it has more than 170 million registered users and over 13 million players each month.

Words with Friends is an adaptation of Scrabble. But the differences are quite minimal and don't matter a lot if you aren't playing at a high level. For example, while Scrabble only has 12 triple and 17 double letter squares, Words With Friends has 16 and 12 respectively. This dynamic places more emphasis on using letters that have a high value, while Scrabble emphasizes using longer words. Also, the dictionaries used for both games differ slightly.

What made Words With Friends so popular is the fact that you can play it pretty much anywhere you want, with anyone you want. It can also be a fun way to pass time as you can chat with your friend while playing the game and passing time.

Words With Friends FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about Words With Friends.

What is the best cheat app for Words With Friends?

You have already found it! We have spent a lot of time perfecting every aspect of our Words With Friends Cheat to make sure that it is as easy and fast to use as possible. Furthermore, Words With Friends Cheat is constantly updated to include new Words With Friends words and will always be free.

Can you tell if someone is cheating on Words With Friends?

No. Words With Friends Cheat is completely undetectable as you use it online on your web browser. Words With Friends Cheats cannot be detected by Words With Friends developers or anyone else, not even your friends.

How do you get the best score on Words With Friends?

There are many Words With Friends strategies that can help you improve your Words With Friends score. Improving is not about memorizing Words With Friends words, but rather learning to use Words With Friends letters correctly. However, mastering Words With Friends takes a lot of practice and time.

If you want to speed things up, using Words With Friends Cheat is the way to go because it provides Words With Friends players with an easy way to find Words With Friends words that are often overlooked, but are high-value. Words With Friends is all about strategy, not memorization.

Can you play Words With Friends offline?

Yes! Words With Friends is available for playing even when you are offline on a plane, or somewhere where the reception isn't great.