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Improve your Scrabble skills by learning new words every day using our Scrabble Word Finder and Cheat. Just enter your letters in the box below and click "search"!

What exactly is a Scrabble Word Finder & Cheat?

Scrabble Word Finder is a tool that helps you find and learn new words by searching for them. The most common way to use our Scrabble Word Finder is to play a game of Scrabble (or other similar word game) with your friends, or online. While playing the game, you might run into a situation, where you know there has to be a word that can be made with the letters you have – but you just can’t quite seem to remember what the word is.

That’s where our Scrabble Word Finder can help you. You can insert all the letters that you have into our word finder to quickly look up all the words that match these letters. Make sure you notify your friends beforehand – that you are going to look up a word – otherwise you could be called a cheat 😊

Besides showing you the exact match words, we also give you a list of words that don’t use all of those letters, but rather a subset of the letters you currently have. You can then order these results alphabetically or by the number of points, you will get by playing that word in the game of Scrabble.

How to use a Scrabble Cheat & Word Finder?

Basic Usage

The simplest way to use our Scrabble Word Finder is to just type all of the letters that you have on your Scrabble tile holder into the “letters” field and then click the search icon (or magnifying glass).

Make sure that you replace your empty tiles with either an underscore (_) or a question mark (?). You can enter up to 3 empty tiles, which should be enough considering that most Scrabble versions only come with 2 empty tiles.

After clicking the search icon, you will be given a list of words, categorized by their length, that can be made up with the letters you are currently holding. If you want more information about a certain word – you can click on it and the word’s definition, type, and validity by word set will be shown.

Advanced Usage

If you want to take full advantage of our Scrabble Word Finder, we recommend studying our advanced options. Advanced options can help you narrow your search down to specifics to make sure that you will find the Scrabble word that you are looking for. To turn advanced options on – you have to click on the “Show Advanced Options” button below the form.

Here are some of the advanced features that our Scrabble Word Finder supports:

Starts With X

The “Starts with X” option can be used to filter the results to only show the words that begin with one or more letters.


Setting the “Starts with X” option to “CA” would match the word “CAR”, but it wouldn’t match “ARC”, because “ARC” doesn’t begin with “CA”.

Ends With X

Similar to “Starts with X”, the “End with X” option filters the search results by checking if the word ends with one or more letters.


Setting the “Ends with X” option to “AR” would match the word “CAR”, but it wouldn’t match “ARC”, because “ARC” doesn’t end with “AR”.

Contains X

The “Contains X” option can be used to find Scrabble words that contain a certain substring.


Setting the “Contains X” option to “LOWE”, would match the word “FLOWER”, but it wouldn’t match the word “PILLOW”, because it doesn’t contain the substring “LOWE”.

Word Length

The “Word Length” option can be used to filter the word results to only include words that have a specific length.


If you set the “Word Length” option to 5, only words that are 5 letters long will be returned.

Dictionary Type

Our Scrabble Word Finder supports a total of 4 different dictionaries:

  • Scrabble US (194,241 words)
  • Scrabble UK (284,138 words)
  • Scrabble IT (661,563 words)
  • Scrabble FR (378,989 words)

Scrabble US

Our Scrabble US word list consists of words used in the NASPA School Word List (NSWL). It contains words that are considered appropriate for school use – swear and other offensive words have been removed from this word list. NSWL is also commonly used in tournaments all over the United States. That makes our Scrabble Word Finder’s results appropriate for all ages.

You can read more about our Scrabble US word list from scrabbleplayers.org.

Scrabble UK

Our Scrabble Word Finder uses Collins Scrabble Words (CSW and formerly SOWPODS) when using the Scrabble UK dictionary. CSW is the word list most commonly used in tournaments in other English countries, except for the US.

You can read more about our Scrabble UK word list from wikipedia.org.

Scrabble IT

For Italian Scrabble, we are using the official Zingarelli (ZINGA) word list. All the points in the results are calculated using the Italian Scrabble rules.

Scrabble FR

For Scrabble FR, we are using the official French Scrabble or (Francophone Scrabble) word list - L'Officiel du jeu Scrabble (ODS).

You can find out more about our French Scrabble word list from wikipedia.org.

When choosing a specific dictionary, our Scrabble Word Finder will automatically adjust the number of points in the results to rules used in that country.

Keep in mind, that using all of those advanced options is the same as using a Scrabble Cheat so tread carefully.

Rules and Basics of Scrabble

Scrabble is a very popular word game manufactured by Hasbro (within U.S. and Canada) and Mattel (all the other countries).

In a game of Scrabble, 2 to 4 players compete by placing tiles, each containing a letter, onto the game board. While adding tiles to the game board – players must form valid words in a crossword fashion.

Usually, a game of Scrabble consists of determining the sequence of play, playing the game, and ending the game. Below you can find detailed descriptions of them all.

Determining the sequence of play

The most common way for players to decide, who goes first is for each of them to draw a tile from a bag of tiles. The player who draws the letters closest to the beginning of the alphabet will go first. Blank tiles precede over the letter A. If two players draw the same letter, another letter is drawn by both of them to break the tie.

Playing Scrabble

At the beginning of a game, each player must hold 7 tiles on their Scrabble tile holder. When starting the game, the first word played must be at least 2 letters long and placed at the center of the board. After the first word has been formed on the board, players can form words with a single letter.

Every turn, after the first turn, players have 3 options:

  • Pass – player does nothing and gains 0 points.
  • Exchange tiles – player can exchange 1 or more tiles for an equal number of new tiles from the bag and gains 0 points.
  • Play one or more tiles on the board – forming words and gaining points equal to the sum of all points of the words formed (you can find the scoring system for your country below). After playing a tile and calculating points, the player must take new tiles randomly from the bag until the bag runs out of tiles.

Ending the game

The game of Scrabble ends when either:

  • One player has used all of their tiles and there are no tiles left in the bag.
  • There have been 6 consecutive turns, where no one has gained points.

Scrabble's Scoring Systems

Scrabble’s scoring systems differ from country to country. Below you can find the scoring systems for the United States Scrabble, the United Kingdom Scrabble, French Scrabble (Francophone Scrabble), and Italian Scrabble.

In the tables below, horizontal values indicate the number of tiles with that letter and vertical values indicate the number of points the player gets for playing the letter.

The United States Scrabble Scoring System

3ptB C M P
4ptF H V W Y
8ptJ X
10ptQ Z

The United Kingdom Scrabble Scoring System

3ptB C M P
4ptF H V W Y
8ptJ X
10ptQ Z

French Scrabble Scoring System

2ptGD M
3ptB C P
4ptF H V
8ptJ Q
10ptK W X Y Z

Italian Scrabble Scoring System

2ptC R S T
3ptL M N U
5ptB D F P V
8ptG H Z

What are the benefits of playing Scrabble?

Scrabble teaches you the vocabulary and improves spelling skills

If you have ever felt that you don’t know some words in a conversation with another person, or perhaps you would just like to expand your vocabulary and spelling skills then Scrabble is for you. Playing Scrabble is a fun and easy way to learn new words and improve your spelling skills – just make sure you bookmark our Scrabble Word Finder to help you on this journey.

Scrabble helps with the development of your mental powers

Playing Scrabble requires quick thinking and seeing patterns. There have been studies that show playing Scrabble is an excellent way to develop your mental powers, while having fun 😊

Scrabble develops strategical thinking

Scrabble isn’t just a game about finding words – it is much more than that. As you play more and more Scrabble, you will find out that correctly timing a certain word, or letter and planning a few words ahead can take your whole game to another level, which in return develops your strategical thinking.

Scrabble encourages bonding with family and friends

Families, strangers, and friends all love spending hours playing Scrabble, enhancing their social skills and ties.

Scrabble improves your memory

Learning new words all the time is beneficial to your memory. It can be hard at first to remember new words, but as you keep playing, you will notice that you will remember Scrabble words, and other things in your life, much more easily.

Scrabble helps you to become more creative

In a game of Scrabble, there’s always a certain randomness to the game – you will never find the exact same layout of the board and the same set of tiles on your tile holder. This requires you to become more creative as you have to quickly adapt to new situations.

Scrabble is fun!

Personally, I think that alone is a good enough reason to play Scrabble – everyone is having fun and Scrabble can be learned by elders and children, or anyone in-between in just a few minutes.

Tips for new and professional Scrabble players

Becoming better at Scrabble is hard work, but not impossible. There are many different strategies for improving one's game.

First off, learning the most common words in the English language is a good strategy (you can find a list of must-know words below). Memorizing as many as possible can greatly increase your chances of earning those 50 extra points from a bingo or being able to form an effective word with those tiles you have been holding on to.

Another strategy that many players use is to memorize all of the two letter words in the game. This may sound silly, but it really does come in handy once you start playing and realize that you have no other legal moves due to your rack.

One of the greatest ways to quickly learn new Scrabble words is to use our Scrabble Word Finder.

Most know words in Scrabble US

  • PZAZZ34 - noun - the quality of being exciting or attractive
  • JAZZY33 - adjective - full of energy
  • ZIZZ31 - verb - to make a buzzing sound
  • QAJAQ30 - noun - kayak
  • ZZZ30 - interjection - used to suggest the sound of snoring
  • FEZZY29 - noun - a brimless cap worn by men in the Near East
  • FIZZY29 - adjective - fizzing
  • MUZZY28 - adjective - confused
  • PHIZZ28 - noun - a face or facial expression
  • BUZZY28 - adjective - having a vibrating sound
  • TIZZY26 - noun - a state of nervous confusion
  • FRIZZ26 - verb - to form into small, tight curls
  • ZUZIM25 - noun - an ancient Hebrew silver coin
  • MEZZO25 - noun - a female voice of a full, deep quality
  • HAJJ21 - noun - a pilgrimage to Mecca
  • QUICK20 - adjective - acting or capable of acting with speed
  • JIMMY19 - verb - to pry open with a crowbar

All two letter words in Scrabble US

  • AA2, AB4, AD3, AE2, AG3, AH5, AI2, AL2, AM4, AN2, AR2, AS2, AT2, AW5, AX9, AY5
  • BA4, BE4, BI4, BO4, BY7
  • DA3, DE3, DO3, DO3
  • ED3, EF5, EH5, EL2, EM4, EN2, ER2, ES2, ET2, EW5, EX9
  • FA5, FE5
  • GI3, GO3, GO3
  • HA5, HE5, HI5, HM7, HO5
  • ID3, IF5, IN2, IS2, IT2
  • JO9
  • KA6, KI6
  • LA2, LI2, LO2
  • MA4, ME4, MI4, MM6, MO4, MU4, MY7
  • NA2, NE2, NO2, NU2
  • OD3, OE2, OF5, OH5, OI2, OK6, OM4, ON2, OP4, OR2, OS2, OS2, OS2, OW5, OX9, OX9, OY5
  • PA4, PE4, PI4, PI4, PO4
  • QI11
  • RE2
  • SH5, SI2, SO2
  • TA2, TE2, TI2, TO2
  • UH5, UM4, UN2, UP4, US2, UT2
  • WE5, WO5
  • XI9, XU9
  • YA5, YE5, YO5
  • ZA11

History of Scrabble

Scrabble, as we know it today, was created by architect Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938. He wanted to invent a word-based board game that would help him with his love of crossword puzzles.

After being inspired by the letter distribution of six-letter words in the New York Sunday Paper, he started work on how such a game should be set up and what it should look like. Once he had settled on the design of the actual tiles, numbers were added which pushed them further towards becoming a full-fledged board game.

It took another four years before Mr. Butts was satisfied enough for Criss-Crosswords' (as it was called then) initial test run.

The first-ever commercial Scrabble board game was widely available in 1952 and has been loved by people all over the world ever since. The official rules have changed over the years based on playtesting, as well as differing from region to region, but the basic premise is still the same as it was all those decades ago: spell words with tiles and score points!

Scrabble FAQ

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

Who invented Scrabble?

The inventor of Scrabble is Alfred Mosher Butts.

How many valid words are there for U.S Scrabble?

NASPA School Word List, which is being used in the United States for Scrabble tournaments contains over 190,000 words.

How can I quickly improve my Scrabble gameplay?

There are no shortcuts with quickly improving your Scrabble skills, however using our Scrabble Word Finder to learn new words is the easiest method to get started with expanding your vocabulary.

How many tiles are there in Scrabble?

In total, there are 100 tiles in Scrabble, with 2 of them being blank tiles and others being letter tiles.